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My knives lately have been getting a little bit of attention. Ken Cardwell, an avid knife user and bush crafter has been using the Groda knife for many of his carving tasks including his bow drill fire starters, and spoon carving. He did a little review on YouTube that sums up his feeling on this knife. Below are some examples of his carving feeds with the Groda.

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While at Blade Show last year my best friend, Lars, pulled me aside and said I had to talk to this guy who really liked the Knife I made for him. Incidentally, they knife and Lars took 4th place overall at the BladeSports World Championship just a few hours earlier.

Jason Corsberg was just so excited to see the knife I made that he requested one for himself to review on www.woodsmonkey.com. He seemed a nice enough individual, and he wanted to test the knife in conditions that I originally intended the knife's design for, so I sent him a blade for review. Read the REVIEW.

Carvings by Ken Cardwell done with the Groda:

Groda Knife

Ken Cardwell Heart Spoon

Ken Cardwell Wooden Spoons

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Welcome to my website. I am a part time knife maker, living in Ellensburg, Washington. I am commited to making knives and tools that are dependable, functional, and affordable. Looking for a dependable custom knife? Well, you've come to the right place!

A custom knife is a luxury item. I understand that in this world of inexpensive, mass produced knives and tools, it is hard to justify the additional expence of a custom knife. I personally put a lot if time in research and development into each design I make. I'm sure that you'll agree that my designs, function is a priority. I believe that a hand-made knife has that personal touch that no mass produced process can duplicate. Having a custom knife you can use confidently provides additional value to these tools.

Lars RosenbladI am proud to anounce that Lars Rosenblad, a Diaz Tools sponsored cutting competition competitor, took 4th place at the 2011 World Championship cutting competition held in Atlanta, Georgia at Blade Show 2011. He was using the Cane Toad chopper and for the first half of the competition was in first place. He was using a CMP M4 hidden tang version that is now available.

In the Neatherlands, Rolf Vreijdenberger, another Diaz Tools sponsored cutting competition competitor, has gone to the top of the cutting competition game in the Netherlands using a Cane Toad as well. He has atributed his success in the competitions to the Cane Toad. There is even a Cane Toad chopper in Australia being used by various competitors.

Competition cutting is a big part of my R&D and every blade I make, from the Groda Bushcrafter to the Rana neck knife, has the benefit of design and materials successes on the cutting competiton circuit. I also spend time in the wilderness with my designs to further hone and test my designs.

Due to It's popularity, the G10 utility knife will be made in a limited quanties. If you are interested in one, please send me a quick note. They won't last long!

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Ken Cardwell's Review of the Groda on YouTube

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